Accomodation in Odense, Denmark

Many of my friends are, as my self, from Copenhagen. So when I have a party or many visitiors at one time I must arrange accommodation for those who can�t sleep at my place. This is some of the places that have showed themselves good.

Andersen�s Bed and Breakfast was very friendly, reliable and relatively cheap. All communication worked via email and they answered swiftly. We payed DKR 270, – for a single room a night, and they charge DKR 320, – for a double. You get your own key so you can come and go as you like, and the rooms are on the first floor of the house. Breakfast is not included in the price, only thing to remember is to bring cash; they do not accept credit cards. My guests were very pleased with the rooms and the stay.

Andersen Bed and Breakfast

Here is a list of other Bed and Breakfasts in Odense; I have not any experiences with these:

Bed and Breakfast in Odense
My mother�s favorite is Turisthotellet, which is located in a very quiet and nice neighborhood called Gerthasminde. The couple that owns the hotel, Jytte and Frederik Andersen, are extremely nice people and when my mother slept there she payed DK 600, – for a double room a night, a single room costs DKR 400,-, the prices include breakfast. What really blew her away was the decoration which is old and cozy with antique furniture. The breakfast is eaten in the dining room of the owners and the breakfast is great with everything the heart desires, even Gammel Dansk, which is a Danish spirit especially appreciated in the morning (by some).

All in all it was a very good experience, very homely, as my mom puts it. The hotel only has 4 rooms so vacancies are hard to find.

Here is the link to the Hotel.
Turist Hotellet

My mother slept one Christmas at the Clarion Plaza near the central train station. That�s an okay hotel, very beautiful entrance and reception. The rooms are nice and the service is good, but it�s not special in any sense, it�s just a hotel. My mom recalls to have paid around DKR 750, – for a double room.

Clarion Plaze Hotel

Here is the link to local tourist office where you can find much more about Odense and accommodation:

Odense Turist


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