Carlsens Kvarter, Beerlovers heaven

This is where I go to drink my beer and without any blushing I can say that this is the best place in the city to drink beer and hang out. It got its name from a Danish radio sitcom about the family Karlsen that ran in Denmark´s Radio from 1967 to 1984.

The changing of the K to a C in the name is because of the original owner´s name was Carlsen. What really makes this nice and cozy pub famous is the selection of internationally renowned beers that you can taste and get expert opinion on from a very interested staff. People working at Carlsens Kvarter simply loves beer. Not in the sense of drinking a lot of beer in a short time, but they value beer like some people value good wine. By the way, you won´t see any of the staff drinking any alcoholic beverages while they work. Occasionally you see a waiter at a table in his own time but never drunk and never out of style.

The design of the rooms is a beautiful mess of everything from tiger wallpaper to old ship lanterns. Located in an old pharmacy, you can still see the crisp opal white glass ceiling.

To explain a bit about the mood at Carlsens Kvarter; the waiters will call you by first name, except if they see you with someone they don´t know, in that case they will nod gently and say hello, not showing they know who you are. Here the old rules of pub going are kept alive. Every table minds their own business, except if you´re invited and accepts to chat. This rule is certainly not keeping the mood down, on a Friday night most guests are talking and chatting, but on a Friday afternoon, you can sit alone with your newspaper and have a pint while you calm down after another week. Another old rule is that there is no service at the bar, the waiters will come to your table, you cant drink at the bar only at a tables, and then it´s preferred that the ladies sit at the window so people passing by can see it´s a nice place.

Carlsens Kvarter, the translates into Carlsen´s 15 minutes, has a rich collection of Belgian beer. Both the Trappist beers, brewed in monasteries by monks, but also all the best beers found while traveling through Belgium and tasting every beer you stumble over. Benny Weble, the owner that changed the pub from a pub with the ordinary selection of danish beer into a pub with imported beers in 1997, imports a vast selection of beers on his own, driving to Belgium, picking them up and bringing them back home. As well as beer from most of the best Danish microbreweries, the best from France, UK, Czechoslovakia, Austrai and of course Germany. This place is simply a tribute to good beer and the people who loves quality and to try something new.

To show how appreciated this place is, not only in Odense, but in all of Denmark, Carlsens Kvarter is where the association of Danish beer enthusiasts was started 15 years ago, now holding 5000 members.

There´s is only one reason to find another place to drink your beer in Odense and that is if you like British beer. Then you must visit Christian firtal, named after the danish King Christian the 4th. That pub has the biggest selection of imported British beer in Odense, even real cask ale which I don´t think you will find many places in Denmark, maybe only at Christian Firtal.

Here are the details, have a blast.

Carlsens Kvarter
Hunderupvej 19
5000 Odense C
+45 63 11 01 10

Expect to pay from DKR 35,- to DKR 50,- for a pint of beer.

Christian Firtal
Vintapperstræde 31
5000 Odense C
+45 66 17 88 56

Expect to pay from DKR 35, – to DKR 50, – for a pint of beer.
Danish Beer Enthusiasts


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