The Old Inn, Danish food and history

Let me say this straight away. The food is not special, but the location is awesome (as any respectful American would say when met with this overwhelming site of Danish culture). Basically this is an old inn that has existed since 1683, making it one of the oldest existing restaurants in Denmark. It�s situated near Hans Christian Andersen�s childhood home and the SAS Radisson Casino and Hotel, in the old part of Odense. Here the houses are low and crooked, the streets narrow and the atmosphere cozy. In the summertime the town�s watchman begins his round in this historical quarter, waking all the residents with his song �The time is ten, all is normal�, but charming all the tourists.

What really makes The Old Inn special is the combination of the many different rooms in the restaurant, and the attention to detail there is in the decoration. All the rooms are decorated with antiques and old furniture that adds to the experience of walking in to a long forgotten world of dining and drinking in Denmark.

The many special rooms have their own history; like the old wine cellar with arches and walls from the 14 century, and the party room that holds many special antiquities, among them what is claimed to be the original drinking glass of Struense, a Danish politician who served as doctor for King Christian 7. Over time Struense gained big influence on the insane Kings rulings. It is said that Struense reformed the Danish administration, introduced freedom of press and abolished torture. He was decapitated two years later.

The most prominent room in The Old Inn is The Atrium. It is an original courtyard located between two old houses, that since 1956 have had a retractable glass roof that makes it possibly to eat out in a typical Danish courtyard in the winter and under open sky in the summertime.

As I mentioned I wouldn�t go for the food, which is mostly basic Danish food, a bit on the expensive side considering that the taste is based primarily on sauce and potatoes. But it is definitely worth a visit because of the special surroundings. And you do get something for your buck. Here you don�t use paper towels at the bathroom to dry your hands. A stack of cloth towels is beside the bathroom sink for your convenience.

Expect to pay DKR. 25, – for a normal bottle of beer, between DKR 65, – to 100, – for a starter and between DKR 160,- to 230,- for a main course.

Den Gamle Kro
Overgade 23
5000 Odense C
+45 66 12 14 33


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