I have picked up an old and bad habit, smoking. I really don´t want to smoke, since I would very much like to see my grnadchildren, and since my youngest kid is only one and a half, I´ve got to last quite a while. But then again, I would really like to smoke since I enjoy it so much. That is: Enjoy that one really good cigarette I smoke a day. The rest is just crap. Smoked out of bad habits. Cravings. Stress. And a hundred other reasons. Bottomline is that smoking is just bad. Theres one minute in smokers heaven and the rest of the day in smokers hell. Thinking about when you can get your next cigarette. Trying to find somewhere you can smoke. Inhaling and coughing. Basically I just forgotten how much of smoking is addiction (sorry tobacco industry, but i guess it IS addictive). And it´s a mess as well, with ash and cigarette butts everywhere. Actually – I really hate smoking. Most of the time.


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