I spent this weekend with my two best friends. Lars and Hans Henrik. We go way back. Lars and I met at a photoschool in 1989. And Hans Henrik and I met in public school in the 6th grade. We talked a bit about old times. Told some of the old stories, but most of all we played with our kids and dined with our girlfriends/wifes. All in all we were 11 people. And one more to come since Lars and his girlfriend Tina is pregnant for the third time. At night we were really tired – but lit a fire and talked to late. And of course we had to talk about the funny way life goes. Once we were three guys, who grabbed a bag of beer and bought a pack of crisps when we were going to meet. Now we are three guys who plan to meet months in advance. Pack our familysized station wagons with playthings and sleeping equipment for the kids. Drive halfway through the country, and meet once or twice a year. Of course we would like to meet more often – maybe it will come back some day. And of course it was great fun to be free of obligations. But somehow the whole way you look at obligations change when you get kids. And now none of us would change our current life for the old beerbags. Never in a second.

Btw.: here´s our playlist from the campfire:

Double: Captain Of Her Heart

Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights

Squeeze: Tempted

Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer

Police: Every little thing she does is magic

Queen: Save me

Simple Minds: Don´t you forget about me

Herbie Hancock: Rockit

Amy Winehouse: Amy Amy Amy


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