Will it be a Nokia N95?

After years of great service (I have had four of them; one disapperead, two got broken, and one I still have) I am getting nearer the time where I must kiss the SE K750I goodbye. Which I absolutely hate. Cause further than it´s a great phone, it is very nice to acutally get something that just works. And gives you peace-of-mind. The combination of camera and phone that was so great is now old hat. And the even though the phone runs Opera Mini and other helpful applications like Shozu, it is clear that time is running out fast for the old K750i.

So what will it be next time? I tried a QTEK phone but had to return it. It was just to poor technology. And I don´t really believe that changing the name to HTC will change the quality. And btw it worked lousy with my Mac. I have looked at my friends phones which is N73 and K800i. But still, that is kind of old hat as well. I´ve got my eyes on the N95. It looks great. Has a 5MP camera. Feels great and even syncs with the Mac. But it is expensive. And what about the much awaited Iphone? Living in Denmark it will be available late summer – probably meaning Christmas-time. So; must I wait for the Iphone or buy the N95 now?

What I really like about this problem is that when this can be a problem, I must be a very lucky person.  🙂


2 responses to “Will it be a Nokia N95?

  1. If you can wait until Q4 the N82 might be the solution.

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