Clearly – as you can see – English is not my first language. I cant be as clear in English, as in Danish, which is my native tongue. But my chance of getting to know someone, being read by someone, and take part in social relations by this blog rises drastically by writing in English. And that is why I do it. As you can see in my archieves (which slowly gather from a dozen old blogs – thank the Internet-God for The Wayback Machine) I used to write in Danish.

Now all this just to tell you about a post by Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and Tor Nørretranders about the need to be bilinguaul in your blog. Thought provoking stuff – but also very time consuming to do. I´m not sure wether I agree – but then again. It´s worth a thought


One response to “Language

  1. I completely agree. It’s a good idea but costly and very time consuming. Translation is expensive and far from straightforward. Nice blog btw.

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