Why is YouTube not available in Morroco? I visited this country and they liked my money and me very much. But they don´t offer free speech to their own people – so it´s probably the last time I visited Morocco until that is resolved. The same goes for Turkey, who has a very hard time trying to fall in to normal standards of human rights. Even though they would like to become a member of the European Union. No more Turkey for me until human rights are a normal part of the whole dish. But ok, you could expect that old regimes of bad ideas can have a hard time coping with new standards. But what about the companies you would not expect to set money higher than human rights? Normally I am a big fan of Google. I like their “Do no evil”-philosophy. But I´m not sure they actually live up to it. Why do they accept Chinese censorship “Out of respect for the Chinese laws”? I just don´t get it. Please visit and support Amnestys site for human rights to expression on the Internet, by clicking here.


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