Don´t steal my time

Am I the only one that gets extremely annoyed by the fact, that every time I rent a movie I have to watch this trailer? I am going to sound like a boyscout, but I can count the number of times I have watched or downloaded a pirated film to be zero. I would like the film industry to answer this basic question; why do you rent me a film, that I pay good money for, assuming that I will later steal it? Why do you expect me, your customer, to be a crook? Why do you steal my time by forcing me to watch crappy trailers aimed at someone else? It basically suck big time.

I am against piracy. Very much indeed. I got friends and colleagues that, like me, live of their creativity like photography, writing, ideas, music, films, basically their work – and the money they get payed for it. But I don´t know anyone in the whole world, except the big music and film corporations, that assume their customers are stealing from them. And I get the same bad feeling every time you let me pay to be educated to pay. I am your paying customer! Get it?

Here´s a piece of advise. Overload the downloading sites with files that has the same name and length, as your films, but basically is your stupid trailer running again and again for two hours. That will communicate to the downloaders, while it will keep your paying customers away from feeling bad when we buy something from you.


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