I would NOT recommend the danish webhost to my worst enemy. I have spent so much time chatting and mailing with their support, trying to get them to move the DNS for some of my sites. But they constantly reject and give me the runaround. Then they send me back to my new host, then to, and then to Eurid. Always I come back with the same answer – they all say you got to do the move of the DNS. You always get an anonymous answer and never the same procedure from mail to mail. Stay away, unless you want to spend time getting not very nice answers from people who basically just want your money and don´t want to give any service. The reason I´m angry is that they asked to me to write a letter and sign it – then I scanned it and mailed it, and they only moved the DNS for parts of my sites. Practically locking the rest out of use for me. Now I write to them again, asking them to change the rest – but the whole thing starts again – from the beginning. “No, we cant do that”. “You have moved your sites so we cant help you” and so on. In reality I´m still paying for hosting, cause I was so unsatisfied with their service that I moved my sites even though I had payed for a year. But they cant help me. Arghhh! Now I can´t use my sites – and they won´t help me – and my new host can´t do anything until releases the sites. Damn though situation. So – at least I can get a little relief of my anger by warning you against And then starting to fight again.

Btw. in the same price category of webhosts you will find much nicer companies like (I´m not affiliated in any way, just a happy convert from, who are much more service orientated.


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