The future of advertising: The Book

I´m playing with an idea, that I very much would like your input to. I am associated with The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, my field is media and advertising. I do a lot of presentations about this exact field – often with a very tight focus on my clients objectives. But as I mentioned I have this idea. It´s to write a book about the future of media and advertising from the receivers point of view. My main point is that we have to either entertain, teach or at least be relevant in the very moment they receive the information, not abruptly break a movie with masscommunication about soap.

My thesis is described in this article: Relationships For The Future (PDF) – and here´s where I want to get your help. I would like to write the book on this blog. Do you have any experiences with this – what to do and what not to do? Any ideas or input is very much appreciated.


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