Survival of the fittest

I have always thought of the sentence “Survival of the fittest”, as the fittest not being the strongest, but the one most fit for the surrounding world. And today I got another hint that way. Our cat has two kittens (pics on Flickr). And that mean that some very natural, but in our civilised society also very brutal instincts wake up. Not alone does it start to hunt mice and birds, but also bring them home alive, som the kittens can learn to kill the poor bastards. And this morning it was aquite young seagull. My wife got her hands on it and woke me up, and after a very quick look (I have teached myself to take a very quick assesment so it wont suffer to long, if its in a shape where it cant survive) I took the showel and decapitated it. I really really hate to kill animals. But I know I have to. Once we kept a small bird (this was not the cats kill, but one we found on our way) two days, where it afterwards was told to us by a veterinarian that it probably had suffered much these two days – where we kept it alive to try to do something good for it. So now it´s a quick decision and then kill it if the shape is to bad. But I don´t like it – and i hate the cat when it does bring home these hunting results. It seems so very far from our civilised nature now – but then again. I have a whole fridge filled with dead and processed animals. So maybe we arent so different anyway.


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