Stock photography

Eventually, when you shoot enough pictures with your digital camera, you will start to wonder if it´s possible to sell any of them for use as stock photography. I have wondered a lot of times. And even tried a couple of times and places. But they wouldn´t let me in, since I have kind of my own style when I photograph. And often stock photography is a very tight subject if you want to make money.

But now I try at Shutterpoint. Not really to make money – but maybe get a little back other than expenses. At Shutterpoint you pay to get an accoun, and therefor you are more free to post whatever you think is interesting or good pictures. But more than that. You also set your won price for your pictures. I find the latter very hard to do. How do you set a price in a market where stockphotos some times comes under a Dollar? I don´t know. It´s probably just to try.

This doesn´t mean that I won´t post at Flickr. Just that pictures that could have a potential as stock will go to Shutterpoint.

My first experience is that you can´t really bulk upload when you use Mac.

More about it when I have collected some experiences.


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