Café Lindevang, Frederiksberg, Denmark

Today my good friend Mikkel and me dined at Café Lindevang at Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Here you get the solid, danish maincourse with lot´s of SOVS, as you call sauce in danish, when it´s brown, plenty and rich. It´s not just basic it´s also good and is a great picture of how danish food was to be, if it was to be considered good by my grandmother. And I promise the keyword is not only plenty and brown, it is also a very special kind of taste that is very rich and very danish.


One response to “Café Lindevang, Frederiksberg, Denmark

  1. Forgot to mention that SOVS is actually Café Lindevang’s unofficiel nickname. So if someone asks you: Are we going to SOVS tonight – you know what time it is.

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