A very bad N95 experience – a great jazz experience

I have been quiet on the blog for some days, cause me and Mikkel drove to the Montreux Jazz Festival. It´s a 1300 kilometer drive, and I depended on my old Navman ICN530 to show me the way. But since I had to buy a map over Switzerland I connected it to my Mac fo rthe first time. Only to find out that it can´t really be updated via Mac. Ok. Then I decided to trust my new N95, which I have bought the navigationservice for. But never really have had the time to get to work. Now we where to in the car, So Mikkel tried for the first 100 kilometers to get the N95 to show the way. But it was slow at best, and not working at all at worst. And finally we had to conclude – we just can´t get this DKR 4700,- telephone with an extra DKR 700,- navigationservice to work at all.

It it very unreliable with the satelite connection – and it is very unreliable with the voice and navigation. Sometimes it freezes, sometimes it just get´s lost and search and search and search. So my advice, don´t use the N95 for navigation – it just don´t work.

At last we found the solution. At a German gas station we found a map over Europe, bought it for €7 and was on our way. The jazz festival by the way is great.


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