Can I please have…?

Sometimes parenting is quite hard – other times, it´s just plain fun. Like this blogpost tells.


2 responses to “Can I please have…?

  1. It *is* very funny, but a little bit unreflected, but then again I do not have kids :o]

    I just posted this on the blog – sorry for the redundancy, but I can not link directly to the post:

    Hmmm … yes you should make a lot of fun with your kids and yes a teenage boy should not be allowed to intimidate his mother like that, no matter how unprepared she are (and how can she be that btw having a son at 14?).

    That said I think its weak to have a need to humiliate ones own son at the most vulnerable stage at his life … I mean theres not much prestige/sport in my view to “win” over 14 year olds, and posting it like this on the net is simply vulgar.

    I have not read any other posts on the blog, and maybe the mother *is* a caring loving mother, maybe she is not, I do not care, but I *do* think that the end of the story – at least the way I hope it was – where the father pulls the boy aside and handles him a pack in the proper size, and says “good luck son, remember to use these”, is missing.

    And yes 14 is a bit young for that kind of exercise, but – in my opinion – bursting out the need/interest/urge on the net, will not dampen the sons interest. When I was 14 this was a very very very very big part of my “processoruse”.

    Devon – If you need condoms in a proper size, let me know, and I will post a pack to you.

  2. Svend. Now you raised my doubt. As often it happens as a parent. Was it over the line? I don´t know. Initially it was fun. But maybe you´re right.

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