Occult locations of Denmark

Things have been a little quiet here for while. I often think I feel like writing something, but when I come home and have played with the kids and tugged them in I usually have forgotten what I wanted to write. But now I want to share a little happiness with you. I have just seen the photoshopped versions of my pictures to this danish book about occult locations. And I am so happy about them. From the start I wanted the pictures to play with the stories – the first collection to the first book I treated myself – but this time I asked a good friend, Allan, who really have done a marvellous job. He is so much better than I to get the most out of the pictures and places. Lovely cooperation.

It´s also been some tour, visiting, more than 60 of the most occult locations in and around Denmark. Trying to capture the spirit of the story and people connected to the site without disturbin to much. The ride included a visit to the very cellar where the harshest interrogations of witches took place and holding a skull from a guy who apparantly lost his head and still is looking for it. Driving almost 4000 kilometers and shooting more than 1000 pictures it´s been intense – but not more intense that I also have had some very good experiences with our collective danish history.

The book is written by Bo Bomuld Hamilton Wittendorff.


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